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These assembly instructions show you how to assemble a Bunny Castle. However, if you are the proud owner of a Mega Bunny Castle, a Bunny Tower, or a Bunny Fort, not to worry! The assembly instructions are identical. 

Assembling your Bunny Castle is very simple - it requires no tools, and should take about 5 mins

Step 1: Unpack your castle. Your Bunny Castle shipment will have 1 tall tower, 1 short tower, and 1 connecting tunnel flat packed. If you have a Mega Bunny Castle, it contains 2 tall towers, 1 short tower, and 1 connecting tower. 



Step 2: Fold down the tabs of your castle on the sides and the front. The folded tabs help provide strength and stability to your castle.


Step 3: Insert the front and side tabs in to the slots


Step 4: Position the towers over the slots in the tunnel to connect the pieces and you are all done!


If you purchased a Mega Bunny Castle, see below for some ideas for castle layout. You can also create infinite expansion options with additional Bunny Towers, Bunny Fortresses, or Bunny Tunnels. Create a Medieval fortress or the Palace of Versaille - your imagination is limitless! See some our suggested expansion options below.


Got questions? Email us at and a service representative will be with you shortly!

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