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Bunny Bliss

Beautiful, top-quality bunny toys by bunny parents


Bunny Bliss is inspired by my 9-pound (4 kg) bunny, Mochi! Last year, I rescued Mochi from an abandoned construction site. I wanted to be the best bunny mom possible and spent countless hours searching for reasonably priced, high-quality, and beautifully designed toys to keep Mochi entertained. I quickly realized there was an absence of toys that fit these criteria. As an engineer, I decided to invent some toys by myself.

I shared photos of these toys with family and friends on social media. The outpouring of positive response was humbling. Before long, people began to ask if I could sell them the toys. To satisfy the blossoming demand, I assembled a team of expert product designers who know rabbits intimately, in order to bring my creations to bunny parents everywhere.


Our bunnies inspire us

We are first and foremost bunny parents. Our bunnies inspire our products. We have spent thousands of hours carefully observing our rabbits and contemplating how we can best enrich their lives. We also learned from leaders in the rabbit rescue community what delights and stimulates rabbits. All our research is poured into the products to ensure your bunny has a great time, and to offer pet owners a promise of high-quality and durable toys. Our products are carefully designed, engineered and manufactured in the United States.

We are experts at product design

Our team has a collective 30 years of product design experience working with Fortune 100 companies to design everyday products. Today, we're using everything we learned to make innovative and beautiful toys for your bunnies!

Why should your bunny have the same house all the time? We know that both rabbits and pet owners want variety and also need to optimize their toys based on the layout of their homes, so we built modular castles and houses for you to create your own bunny wonderland! In addition, bunnies can't keep away from cords and cables, so we created fixtures for dangling toys to keep bunnies occupied for hours!

Our products are bunny approved

We don't send you a toy without being confident that your bunny will love it. Our own bunnies enjoy a playground of toy prototypes, and after months of product testing and iteration, we pick the most popular toys to offer on our website. For example, our treat dispensing toy went through 17 iterations to ensure that treats get dispensed frequently enough to entice the rabbit, yet only occasionally enough to ensure the rabbit remains excited.

Our products are locally sourced with natural materials

Our products are made from start to finish in Virginia. We believe this differentiates us from most other toy makers, who produce their goods in overseas factories where quality control, fair labor practices, and gentle treatment of animals cannot be guaranteed. We obsess about details regarding design, durability and safety. We use unprocessed cardboard that is entirely free of chemicals and dyes, while the ink is soy-based and naturally safe for the rabbit.

We invest in the rabbit community

For every toy you buy, we will donate 10% of the proceeds to one of the following rescue and adoption centers of your choice. If your choice isn’t listed, please email and we will do our best to accommodate a donation to them. By supporting our company, you are supporting rabbits everywhere that need your help and love.

Our current partners include:

  • All About Rabbits Rescue
  • Friends of Rabbits
  • Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group
  • Columbus House Rabbit Society
  • House Rabbit Network

We are selectively adding new partners based on their commitment to saving rabbits as well as their excitement for our products. If you are interesting in partnering with Bunny Bliss, please email us at for more details.

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